Freiberuflicher Physikochemiker ~ Forschung und Lehre
Freelance Physical Chemist ~ Research and Teaching

Analytical Instrumentation of any kind of materials

micro-X-Ray-Fluorescence-Spectroscopy [iXRF systems, Austin, TX, USA]

Luxon Ion Source MS/MS System [Phytronix, Québec, Kanada]

Supplements to FTIR-Spectroscopy:

Temperature Controlled Microscope Stage [Linkam, London, UK]

FTIR - Photoacoustic [GASERA, Turku, FIN]

Atom-Absorptions- and Atom-Fluorescence-Spectroscopy

UV-VIS Absorption Spectroscopy  [Aurora, Vancouver, Kanada]

Special Instrumentation: for example

Liquid Handling

Gravimetric (!) Titration (without burets, within a few minutes!)

benchtop NMR (information on request)