Freiberuflicher Physikochemiker ~ Forschung und Lehre
Freelance Physical Chemist ~ Research and Teaching

Our Knowledge = Your Success

Theory and Applications of Instrumental Analysis

Bio- and Materials Science


Photoacoustic-Supplement for FTIR-Spectrometers

Laser Supplement for Mass Spectroscopy


Theory and special applications of analytical sciences, intrumental and wet-chemical methods, to all kind of materials and complex compounds.

Additionally we offer lectures and seminars to the basics of chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, macromolecular and supramolecular chemistry and the related physical subjects). Let us know what you need.

Subjets to chose are surface and interface science, environmental chemistry and physics, forensic, bio- and nanotechnology, pharmacy and materials testing.

Laboratory and Project management

Coordination of scientific projects, national und international

Training of co-workers

Coaching of scientists and managers

Transfer of knowledge (Universities, Industry, Centers of scientific research)