Freiberuflicher Physikochemiker ~ Forschung und Lehre
Freelance Physical Chemist ~ Research and Teaching


Basics and special applications of analytical instrumentation as well as wet-chemical methods are offered. Theory and practical skills may be presented to the mentioned methods for the characterization of any kind of materials. Further methods could be arranged on request.

Special lectures and seminars:

  • Basics of physical chemistry and mathematics

  • Basics of biophysical chemistry

  • Basics of macromolecular chemistry

  • Basics of supramolecular chemistry

  • Basics of chemistry (Inorganic, Organic)

  • Chemistry and Physics at/in interfaces and surfaces, thin films

  • Basics of  Instrumental Analysis

Areas of applications: surface sciences, materials sciences and engineering, fiber composites, nano composites, pharmacy, cosmetics, forensic, bio- and nano technology.