Freiberuflicher Physikochemiker ~ Forschung und Lehre
Freelance Physical Chemist ~ Research and Teaching

General Terms of Buisness

1. Recognition of the terms of sale and terms of delivery: Our conditions form the basis of all arrangements, including offers and confirmed orders; they are recognised by verbal or written placing of order or acceptance of the delivery. The divergent conditions of the buyer which we do not recognise expressly in writing are non-binding for us, even if we do not contradict them expressly. Confirmations of order can be revoked by the buyer within two working days.

2. Prices: The prices of the articles are valid in each case according to the actual price-list or of the last quotation. The prices are valid ex works, unpacked, without dispatch and without value added tax.

3. Payment terms: All payments are to be made toll-free in the currency in which the sales are concluded. Payments are valid only when on the day performed in which the shop assistant can dispose of the invoice amount freely of loss. The calculations are if not expressly differently agrees, within 14 days after exhibition without deduction of discount payment, postage, etc. payable. With aim excesses / default interests on arrears are to be paid at the rate of 4% about the base interest rate sentence on the invoice amount. Default enters at maturity of the demand of the shop assistant, without it requires a reminder. The assertion of a higher damage is left to the shop assistant. For every reminder 10€ are charged. Zurückhaltungen of payments or compensation on the part of the buyer with some counterclaims are not admissible.

4. Retention of title: BJD~analytics UG (Limited) reserves itself the property of the delivered product up to the entire settlement of the purchase price and all demands from the existing business connection. As a payment only the entrance of the equivalent is valid with the supplier. The customer is obliged to treat the product devotedly. Provided that servicing or inspection works are necessary, the customer has to carry out this at own expenses regularly.

5. Defects: The buyer has to check the "object of delivery" and the calculation after entrance immediately with to him under the given circumstances reasonable thoroughness and to reprimand the objections identified on this occasion or defects within one week after delivery date in writing or to inform. The complaint is recognised only within this term. With entitled fault Rügen the shop assistant has after his choice the right to remove either the defects, or to take back the product under credit of the calculated amount or to pay compensation in adequate term free of charge or to credit the reduced value of the product to the buyer.

6. Guarantee: We guarantee to the respective state of the technology suitable accuracyof the purchase object in material and work work. The supplier sticks for defects of the delivery to the exclusion of other claims for the duration of 12 months, beginning with the delivery date. To assert the right of the buyer, claims from defects, comes under the statute of limitations in all cases from the time of timely Rügen in 12 months. For on the part of the buyer or the third repair works carried out without our consent any liability is excluded.

7. Restrictions of liability: It is incumbent upon the buyer selfresponsibly to check the use of our products. For damages, to the buyer by their use originate the shop assistant assumes no liability. Further claims from deficiency liability and damage claims for any reason are excluded. A liability for the suitability of the purchase object to from the buyer in view to the taken purposes which do not serve the normal one and the use recognizable for the buyers does not exist.

8. Place of fulfilment and legal venue: As a place of fulfilment for all obligations from the contractual relationship for buyers and supplier is the seat of the supplier, Bad Nenndorf. The legal venue for all civil disputs originating from the contractual relationship is the district court of Stadthagen.

9. Final regulations: The contractual relationship is defeated by the right of the Federal Republic of Germany. The ineffectiveness of single conditions does not touch the validity of the remaining terms of business.