Freiberuflicher Physikochemiker ~ Forschung und Lehre
Freelance Physical Chemist ~ Research and Teaching

Twenty years of experience show that there is a need to understand how to do experimental work in a laboratory. The technical part is often painstaking and odd to many of the laboratory staff. The exact preparation of samples is time consuming and hides traps. But the samples have to be prepared carefully to obtain excellent measurements with the high-tech instrumentation. These traps are avoidable in case you are sensible to recognize them.

Our experience helps you to master your programme of work in a relaxed atmosphere without worry in the event of problems. We identify the problems so that you achieve the project care-free.

You have any questions how to prepare your samples, how to apply the analytical method correctly, how to interprete the measured results in theory and practice, so we support you to find the right answers in a collaboration based on trust.

Your laboratory delivers experimental results which are meant as a part of further projects? Perhaps in an international collaboration? Than we coordinate this for you as well as the documentation and presentation of your results.

There are further questions like how to manage scientific projects? So let us know we like to support you developing solutions to your requests.